64 Sites Offer Flexible Work from Home

Late Night Jobs? These 64 Sites Offer Flexible Work from Home

If you are looking to work late night from home, there are many late night work from home jobs you can choose from. The ability to work at night offers great flexibility and other perks such as fewer distractions and quieter environment. It is easier to get your work done at night. This article covers 64 real late night work from home jobs you can do late at night.

Customer Care Representative

There are many companies that hire home-based customer service representative/agent to offer 24-hour customer service for their customers. This job involves you taking inbound calls from customers on behalf of the company you are working for. If you are self-motivated, self-disciplined, polite, and have good telephone skill, this can be a good work from home job for you.

Check out the following customer service jobs below:

1.. LiveOps

  • Type of Job: Inbound Customer Service
  • Pay:
  • Schedule/Hours: Flexible. Work in 30-minute increments.
  • How To Apply: http://join.liveops.com/

2. USA Contact Point

3. Uhaul

4. VoiceLog

Complete Online Tasks and Gigs

There are many micro task sites where you can pick up small jobs or short tasks and make money by completing them. As these tasks are easy to do and can be completed in a short amount of time, you can only earn a few cents for each short task completed. Some small tasks pay more but need more of your time to do. Some of the popular micro tasks sites include:

Some of the popular micro tasks sites include:

5. Amazon Mechanical Mturk

6. Clickworker

  • Type of Job: Search evaluation, writing, editing, etc.
  • Pay: Varies by task
  • Hours/Schedule: Flexible hours
  • How To Apply: http://clickworker.com

7. Fancy Hands

Data Entry

There are plenty of legitimate data entry jobs online if you know where to look. This job involves entering data to a computer system typing at a keyboard. Many companies outsource data entry jobs to freelancers online. If you have even basic computer knowledge with fast typing skills, you can do this job. Here are some of the best companies offering data entry jobs:

Here are some of the best companies offering data entry jobs:

8. Sigtrack

  • Pay: 3.7¢ per average signature, 15¢ per registration
  • Schedule/Hours: Work on your own schedule.
  • How To Apply: http://sigtrack.net/

9. Great American Opportunities

  • Pay: $0.10 to $0.14 cents per form0Schedule/Hours: Work on your own schedule.
  • How To Apply: Email inquiry to tohair@gafundraising.com

10. Smart Crowd (formerly known as VirtualBee)

Online Translator

If you speak at least two different languages fluently, you can use your language skills to earn money as an online translator. There are numerous companies that hire home-based translators to work as full-time or part-time employees. So if you have fluency in another in-demand language, you can make good money translating business documents, legal documents, eBook translations, website translations and much more working late night from your home.

12. Language Line

Pay: Competitive, based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Flexible
How To Apply: https://www.languageline.com/careers

13. Cactus Global

Pay: Competitive, based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Flexible
How To Apply: http://www.cactusglobal.com/careers

Teach English Online

If you are a fluent English speaker, you can teach non-native speakers of English to improve their English proficiency. You can teach students online from the comfort of your home or teach business people to improve their fluency in spoken English. Some agencies will pay you to speak online to their clients who are non-native speakers of English. There are more opportunities to teach English and earn money. If you have some teaching degree or experience, you will find it easier to get more clients. If your clients are from different parts of the world, you can be able to work at night based on their schedule.

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If you think you’re a good candidate for a teaching position here are some companies you might want to check out:

14. Brainfuse

Pay: Competitive, based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Anytime day or night.
How To Apply: http://www.brainfuse.com/register/tutorpromo.asp

15. VIPKids

Pay: Competitive, based on experience
Schedule/Hours: Anytime day or night.
How To Apply: https://t.vipkid.com.cn


Are you a good listener and fast and accurate typist? Then a work from home transcription job can be a good opportunity to earn extra money. You can set your own schedule, meaning you can work at late night. Transcription job involves copying audio files into readable text. You can transcribe general, medical, and legal audio notes, depending on your skills and experience. General transcription jobs are perfect for you but pay less if you are not familiar with medical and legal terminologies and have relevant training and certification.

Here’s where you can apply to be a transcriptionist:

16. REV

17. Transcribe Me

18. Scribie

Social Media Consultant

Many companies and solopreneurs hire social media experts or consultants to help them manage their social media accounts. If you have a good following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites, you can apply to these jobs and get hired by your potential employers.

Here’s where you can apply to be a social media consultant:

19. Media Bistro 

20. Appen Butler Hill

Pay: Search evaluation, Social media
Schedule/Hours: Anytime day or night.
How To Apply: https://thesmartcrowd.lionbridge.com/

Graphic Designer

You can earn a steady income every month working from home as a graphic designer. If you have good graphic design skills, and market your skills via your own website or blog, social media, and other ways, you may be able to get plenty of graphic design jobs. You can specialize in logo design, infographics, or brochures, etc creative areas of graphic design field to appeal to more specific clients.

Here are a few places you can look for work from home graphic design jobs:

23. 99 Designs

24. Design Crowd

25. FlexJobs

Proofreader and Editor

Do you have excellent grammar, punctuation and editing skills? If so, you can work as an online prrofreader and editor working from home late night. Many companies and professionals are in need of proofreaders to make necessary changes to their written work.

Here’s where you can apply to be a proofreader and editor:

26. Scribendi – https://www.scribendi.com/

27. Proofreadingservices – http://www.proofreadingservices.com/pages/careers

28. Words R U – https://wordsru.com/en-US/jobs

Video Game Tester

Many major gaming companies want to make sure that their products or games are perfect before they are released. So they need people to test their games and get feedback on their user experience. This is where you come in as a video game tester. These companies need people willing to play their games. If you enjoy playing video games, have playing skills, knowledge of the games market, then there are many sites online that can help you in your search of video testing jobs. You can do it at late night or when it is convenient for you and earn easy money.

29. Sutherland Global Services

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Write Reviews Online

There are many review writing sites where you can get paid to write reviews on products and services you have personally used or you have good knowledge of. You can earn anything from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the product, service, company, site, etc you review, the length of the review, and other factors.

30. Pay Per Post

31. Sponsored Reviews

Become a Paid Blogger

Many companies hire professional or/and creative bloggers or freelance writers to write blog posts for them. Many blog site owners outsource blogging service to freelance writers or bloggers simply because they do not have the time to write for their own blogs or they do not have the blogging or writing skill. If you have a knack for writing and have good knowledge in a topic or more, you can get paid well to write blog posts for many companies, professionals and niche blog site owners.

If you’re interested in finding data entry work here are some places you can check out:

32. Blogging Pro:  http://www.bloggingpro.com/jobs/

33. ProBlogger Job Board – http://jobs.problogger.net/

34. Write Jobs – http://www.writejobs.info/

35. Blogger Jobs – http://www.bloggerjobs.biz/

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great late night work from home job. There are many article writing job sites such as Textbroker, iWriter and Online Writing Jobs in which clients post jobs on a wide variety of topics. You can directly claim jobs from these sites. You can also write and submit articles to many reputable upfront pay sites working late at night. You can write blog posts for other blog site owners. There are numerous ways to make money writing online and you can work part-time or full-time depending on your skills and schedule.

36. Textbroker

37. SheBudgets

38. WritersDomain

39. Content Runner

40. Love To Know 

41. Break Studios

Take Paid Surveys Online

You can give your opinions on a variety of products, services or companies by filing out surveys online and get paid to do so. There are some trusted survey sites that pay people to take their surveys on a variety of topics. Sign up with as many highly paid legitimate survey sites as possible. It is possible to earn good side money taking paid surveys without having to work more than 2-3 hours at night.

Here’s where you can sites that pays you to take online surveys:

42. MySurvey – Pays cash, gift cards, etc.

43. Toluna  – Pays cash, amazon gift cards, prizes, etc.

44. Survey Savvy  – Pays cash via check.

45. Paid Viewpoint – Pays cash via Paypal


Search Engine Evaluator

If you know how search engines work, and are familiar with SEO and popular culture on the web, then you can work as a search engine evaluator. Search engine evaluation job involves checking up on accuracy and relevancy of search results pages returned by a search engine like Google in response to a keyword or keyphrase given to you. Then the search engine assesses whether their target audience is getting the most accurate and relevant information, and makes necessary changes in the relevant search algorithm if needed based on your feedback.

Here’s where you can apply to be a search engine evaluator:

46. Appen Butler Hill

47. Leapforce

48. Lionbridge

Website Testing

You can get paid to test websites for providing user experience. Many companies and individuals outsource website testing jobs to some companies online known as website testing companies or sites. These sites hire people like you to work as online testers to test their clients’ websites. Make sure that you follow your client’s instructions when testing their website. You will generally give feedback on whether the site is easy to navigate, looks professional, has downtime.

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49. UserTesting

50. Userlytics

Virtual Assistant

If you have some administrative and good time management skills, then you can work as a virtual assistant (VA) for many companies, professionals and even individuals such as webmasters, doing task they assign you. Today, many virtual assistants have multiple skills. If you are good at researching the web, you can find clients who need your service. If you have professional data entry experience you can be hired as a VA. You may be hired to maintain social media accounts of a client working as a VA. Virtual assistants can do numerous tasks based on their skills, schedule, and other factors.

If you think you have the necessary skills to become a virtual assistant, take a look at these:

51. Fancy Hands – Virtual Assistant

52. Time Etc. – Virtual Assistant

53. Worldwide 101

Online Tutor

If you have good knowledge in a particular subject, you can use your skill to tutor others through your computer. You can work late night teaching adults or kids who live in a different time zone. There are some online tutoring agencies that let you work at night. They may assign you to clients based on your skills and schedule that match with what the clients are looking for, while other agencies may list your resume or/and profile on their sites so that the students can find you and choose to work with you if you meet their requirements. Tutoring jobs can also be found on freelance sites.

54. ISUS – http://jobs.ispeakuspeak.com/

55. Tutor Vista  – http://www.tutorvista.com/

56. Tutor.com – http://www.tutor.com/

57. Homework Tutoring – http://www.homeworktutoring.com/index.shtml

Online Moderator

If you have good knowledge of forum and community sites on the web and have excellent people skills, this could be a perfect job you can work late night from home. This job involves you to monitor the communication activities on a website, blog, forum, social network, etc online medium, and protect your client’s (owner of the website, blog, forum, etc) brand and reputation online by moderating content posted by registered or guest users. Check out the following companies below:

58. Live World

59. Lithium

60. The Social Element ( formerly known as eModeration

61. Modsquad

  • Type of Job: Social Media Moderation
  • Pay: N/A
  • Schedule/Hours: Flexible
  • How To Apply: http://modsquad.com

Miscellaneous Late Night Work at Home Jobs

62. Advanis – Telephone Research Interviewer

63. 3 Play Media –  Editing

64. Upwork – Freelance Work

65. Guru – Freelance Work

66. Freelancer.com – Freelance Work

67. ORC International – Telephone Research Interviewer

68. Reasoning Mind – Tutoring

Final Thoughts

Many work from home jobs that can be done late at night are perfect for people who cannot work at daytime for various reasons. If so, you can check out the above 25 real late night work from home jobs to see which job or jobs suit your skillsets, allowing you to work late at night. It is possible to do a variety of work from home jobs at night if you have the skills required and earn a good income.

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