7 Annoying Web Design Problems

7 Annoying Web Design Problems


01. Site Isn’t Optimized For Mobiles

Since Google released search update according to that Google gives less preference for rank to non-responsive sites; this is a major problem for those who generate leads online.

02. Poor Navigation

When someone visits your site, do they know what to do? Where to go? What their next steps should be? It is better to give visitors some clear visual views about what your clickable buttons do and where they lead them.

03. Slow Load Time

Slow loading time may frustrate your site visitors and affects conversion rate and brand perception.

04. Overused Stock Images and Icons

If visitors see the same image on multiple sites, it losses trust.

05. Poor Use of Headers, Sidebars, and Footers

People often consider that heading areas, footers, and sidebars are designed exclusively for advertisements. These areas can be much better utilized for additional navigation within the site.

06. Lackness of Top-Quality Content

The number one ranking factor for the search engines has always been the quality of the content displayed on websites.

07. Not Keeping Website Updated

Keep themes and plugins fully updated are essential in modern times. Make sure that every possible entry point is protected on your domain. Installing a real-time protection like WordPress or iThemes is the best way for website security.

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