Blogging Ideas – Last Part

In Blogging Ideas (part one) I told that we will share our 2nd part about this. Today I’ll share those info for you. Keep in mind for start a blog at start up. Now add those to your old checklist.

1. Make sure you use images on your blog and give your visitors information in a small chunks.

2. Eat a good breakfast every morning (just making sure you are paying attention).

3. Make sure you have free giveaways on your blog.

4. Join blogging networks.

5. Use info graphics on your blog.

6. Actively engage on Twitter.

7. Interlink your post together.

8. Try to be creative rather than doing the same thing that has been done a million times.

9. Use to ask for feedback.

10. Used site critique sites where you can get feedback from people on your blog.

11. User sitemap plugin and submit to Google.

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12. Use an email option such as Aweber.

13. Make your links SEO friendly by changing your permalinks.

14. Break your blog post up into shorter post and do part 1 2 and 3 for longer ones.

15. Feed the crested gecko because he is getting very hungry.

16. Talk about stuff that is in the news. Use Google Trends for this.

17. Don’t worry so much about the amount of traffic you are getting; you are just starting.

18. Run competitions to get more traffic. Via Twitter, guest post, Facebook etc.

19. Check to see how fast your problems at http://

20. Check to see what your blog looks like a different browser use

21. Don’t overload your blocked me advertisements; especially in the beginning.

22. Install CommentLuv Premium.

23. Drink red rain when you blog. It helps and it cheaper than 5 hour energy.

24. Listen your readers they give you good ideas.

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25. Highlight your best post.

26. Install a rating system.

27. Install plugins that thank you readers for commenting.

28. Use video at the top of blog post.

29. Have an about me page.

30. Have a contact me page.

31. Don’t participate any kind of link exchange program.

32. You can promote your Blog by using article marketing.

33. Use press releases to promote your blog.

34. Join

35. Looks at yahoo answers, quora or any kind of asking question site good ideas one what to post about.

Thanks for all. If you miss part one, just click here. Love you all.

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