Freelance Like a King in 2017

The State of Freelance in 2017

Why Freelance? Because of flexibility and freedom if it’s full time or an additional income if it’s part time.

  • 2M+ people freelancing, from 2014 to 2016 in the us. The number grows year by year.
  • 63% of people chose freelancing by choice rather than by necessity in 2016(up by 10% from 53% in 2014)
  • 79% of freelancers feel better about their work and say it’s better than traditional work. They feel more respected, engaged, empowered and excited to start each day.
  • 36 hours is the average time full time freelancers work per week, with the standard for traditional workers still being 40.
  • Almost 50% of freelancers raised their rates past year and 54% plans to raise them during the next one.
  • 22% of freelancers quit their traditional job in order to freelance, and 50% of them say that there’s no amount of money that would make them go back to traditional work.
  • 79% of freelancers say that it’s better than holding a traditional position with an employer.
  • 35% of people find the type of freelance projects they’re looking for in under two weeks and 51% in less than 3 days.
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Statistics show that freelancers are more likely to participate in skill related education and training and they do it to strengthen their skill, instead of it being a job requirement. The majority freelancers who left a traditional full time position, made more within a year.

Top 9 Freelance Job Sites

Upwork is the result of the odesk and elance merger. 12 million registered freelancers, 5 million registered clients and 3 million jobs posted annually. has 23.5 million registered users and 11.3 million total jobs posted. They are huge.

Fiverr has grown to a full blown freelance work marketplace with 25 million gigs completed so far and a current price range of $5 – $10K

Toptal is an exclusive freelance network for software developers, designers, and finance experts. Their rigorous screening process accepts fewer than 3% of applicants to maintain the exclusivity of the network.

99designes is a freelance market for designers only. As of now, they have 364 thousand happy customers and almost a million and a half talented designers.

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peopleperhour is focused on bringing together freelancers and hirers working on digital projects.

SimplyHired has tens of thousands of freelance opportunities, although they also they also list traditional job opportunities, too.

twago currently has over 111000 projects posted and waiting to be picked up.

ZEQR is a new and rising platform intended for live online knowledge sharing, but if you think about it twice, it’s also a freelance opportunity, as expertise in any area is very much welcome and you control your pricing and schedule.

WeGrowth is another new player, aiming to connect growth hackers and digital marketers with startups who need their services. If you’re into digital, you might want to join.


Freelance Job Incomes by Niches

Graphic designers depending on the type of work, any where from $2K to $6K per month is very much possible.

Digital marketers monthly freelance incomes start at around $3K but can go much higher.

Web developers $6K per month is the average, but it can be some what lower or a lot higher, depending on the type of work.

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Copy and content writers anywhere from $1K to $3K is reasonable to expect.

Online tutors and teachers $40-50 per hour is to be expected.


Bonus! Most Sought After Tutoring Niches

Since you can become an online tutor

  • Programming Training
  • Office Suites
  • Business, Management and Organization
  • Online Marketing
  • Adobe Suite
  • English Language

Bonus! Step Up Your Game!

If you want to advance your knowledge and up your game, there are a few places where you can do this. was founded in 1995 and began offering online courses in 2002. They are now a part of linkedin which is a part of microsoft.

Udemy first launce in early 2010 with the aim of connecting experts outside of formal education circles with people in need of their expertise.

Coursera launched in april 2012 and has since worked tightly with universities and other organizations.

Zeqr is an interesting rising star, because you can learn from experts in any industry, as well as freelance and tutor in areas your an expert at.

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