How to Overcome Fear?

As a smart person, you have to overcome fear. Today i’ll share some techniques,  how to free your mind from fear.

A. Think about a negative experience of school or of learning in general. Notice how much stress or discomfort you are felling, and rate it on a scale of one to ten – this lets you measure how much you reduce it. If your initial level of discomfort is not at least a six, think about additional incidents or learning situations until it is.

B. Now clear your mind or just think about something nice.

C. Next, use both hands to tap on both your collarbones.

D. While you continue tapping on your collarbones, look straight ahead, keep your head still and close and open your eyes.

E. Continue tapping and keeping your head still, look down to the left then down to the right.

F. Continue tapping, keeping your head still and move your eyes in a full circle clockwise and then anti clockwise.

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G. Now cross your arms, place your hands on the tops of your shoulders and close your eyes.

H. Next stroke your hands down the sides of your arms from your shoulders to your elbows, down and up, again and again.

I. As you carry on stroking the sides of your arms imagine you are walking down a flight of stairs and count out loud from one to 20 with each step that you take.

J. When you reach 20, hum the tune “Happy Birthday”.

K. Now, let your arms drop and relax them and open your eyes and look up in front of and above you.

L. Move your eyes slowly from left to right and back three times.

M. Close your eyes and stroke the sides of your arms again five times.

N. Now open your eyes and check on your scale form one to ten, the number of feeling now. If it is way down the bottom, congratulations – you have personally changed your own feeling state. If you think that the stressful feeling is not yet reduce enough, just repeat the sequence until it is reduced as far as you want.

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Important note: This exercise is very powerful and is worth repeated practice. It will work to reduce your stress and discomfort around pretty much any negative experience you can think of. Now that you have prepared your mind for learning, you can progress to specific exercises to make you smarter.


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