How to provide customer service to 5 difficult personalities

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In our daily life customer service is the most important part. If you know how to serve your customer, you can grab the success stairs easily. Because a reputed and satisfied customer brings more and more.

In this post, we will know, how to handle 5 different and difficult personalities customer. You will get traits and solution to them.

The Complainer

A person who shares the problem of service. In customer support, we have to handle those type of people with extra care. Because they are already angry about services.

Traits: Negative, Stubborn, Vocal, Blameless, Hates Excuses

Solution: Look beyond the frustrated complaint and pay attention to what is being said. Take notes. Let them vent. Repeat back what you think is being said.

The Overlay Agreeable

Traits: Positive, Polite, Avoid Conflict, Takes Blame, Hesitant

Solution: Use probing question when a customer is yessing you to death. Reassure them you are happy to get their feedback.

The Expert

Traits: Know-it-all, Intelligent, Condescending, Competitive, Love Research

Solution: Allow the expert to tell you all about your business and don’t take it personally. Ask Questions. Use clarifying statements. Give the options.

The Pessimist

Traits: Negative, Hard to Please, Opinionated, Doubtful, Intelligent

Solution: For every positive you present, the pessimist will find something to nit-pick. Stay ultra positive and lead them to the bright side of the conversation.

The Staller

Traits: Indecisive, Cautious, People Pleaser, Need Convincing

Solution: Drill into this customers’ needs and provide real solutions. Give them all the facts they need so they can present your product. Don’t be pushy.


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