Personal development tools for you

Personal development is a process, which can help you to achieve your goal easily, overcome your fear, learning all of the new experiences from others. It enhances the quality of life to the realization your dreams. Personal development or self-development is not just a word. It’s a spell, which can turn over your life easier. By that, you can realize yourself, your day and your world. Always remember that failure is the pillar of success.

Let’s start with my story. I’m Sayedur Rahman. First of all, I’m not good in English. But every time I’m trying to do better than previous. In 2010, I saw a language which one starts with <> this kind of symbol and end with </> kind of symbol. I didn’t know that what it is and what is called. I just knew that it’s used for to make a website. From that day, I think I have to learn that terms and make a website.

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After 3 years, through the internet, i fully learn that and create my first website. But believe me that, I already forget all of those. Don’t laugh, without practice, you can’t remember your name. Like me, if you lose your patient at the start for mexican insurance, you will never achieve your dream. You have to keep with it always. Have to practice more and more. If others can so why you won’t?

The achievement will never come to you along. You have to pull it. Today I’ll share some tools for you, which can help you to create the life you want.


A non-profit website where individuals can go to watch videos on a variety Of different topics.


A website that aims to help you enhance your life. Whatever area you want to work on, you can include as part of a “tree” you build for free.


If you want knowledge, Udemy has it. Regardless of the subject, you want to study, Udemy likely offers at least one course in it. Some courses are free.

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A brain training website that is developed and maintained by neuroscientists.

43 Things

Allows you to list the goals you hope to accomplish and then give and receive support from others through the website, all for free.

Vision Board Deluxe

An app by Happy Tapper helps you create your life vision on a smartphone or electronic tablet.


That’s only to gather some idea. Always you have to change your self, have to identify from where you’ll start. Always be happy.



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