Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web, mainly using images and on a shorter scale, GIFs and videos. You can use pinterest for your business by creating a pin board. So lets get start!


What can you PIN on Pinterest?
There are so many things you can pin on Pinterest. Start from what you are doing. It can be your business, can be your ideas, or you can start from what you are love to doing.

You can check some checklist in below

  • If you have any kind of product you can share those images.
  • It will be great for your employees and your business if you share about your workplace your culture and your employees
  • Make some creative infographics about anything.
  • Create a document about your blog post, about some resources or some startup points.
  • Make videos by your own idea.
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When to pin?
The best time for pin in Pinterest from 2PM to 4PM and from 1AM to 8PM. Best day for pin Thursday and Saturday

Image Optimization tips

  • Pin: Always try to be in your unique images
  • Keywords: Used target keywords in file names and individual pin descriptions
  • Image size: Pay attention to image size Max width 600 pixel, Thumbnail view width 190 pixel.
  • Make sure to be in quality photos with great visual appeal.

Make it work for your business

  • Show off your office: Pins can be about more than just your product. Give followers a glimpse into a day in the light of your business, create a digital Scrapbook of a philanthropic event, introduce your employees in a unique way.
  • Add a “Pin It” or “Follow me on Pinterest” button: Help customers find your page and content from your site by adding this button available on Pinterest “goodies” page
  • Allow allow users to post to your boards: Pinterest like Facebook allows interaction from both sides. You can give followers permission to pin in your boards to encourage engagement with your customers.
  • Use boards to tell a story: Pinterest isn’t just for talking about yourself. Use it as an opportunity to show your customers that you enjoy the same things they do . Share things they will find useful, funny, creative. Followers will begin to develop an emotional connection with your company and product.
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Successful brands on Pinterest
Get inspired by those companies who are using Pinterest effectively

General Electric
Best Boards
> From the factory floor
> #GEinspiredME

Whole foods market
Best Boards
> Who wants dinner?
> Whole planet Foundation

Time Magazine
Best Boards
> Time covers
> Time photography
Best Boards
> Stuff we love
> Guest pinners

Always you have to choose quality pins. Make sure that your users connect to you and your content. It will help you for Lead generation.


Thanks for your be with us. Wait for next post and stay connected with us. 🙂

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