Web Hosting Types and Comparison

To create a  successful website, you have to find a good web hosting service. There are several types of web hosting services. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In this writing i’ll share something about those.

There are 4 types of Web Hosting.

A. Shared Hosting,
B. VPS or Virtual Private Server,
C. Dedicated Server,
D. Cloud Web Hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

It’s a partition of main web server. Like, You get an apartment from a building. In that case you are the owner of that apartment, not the building. How much you will get is based on your hosting package. Usually many clients will be hosted on the same server to save cost on the web host’s part.

Now, what it’s advantages and disadvantages?


  • Firstly, you have to pay for what you need/ what you use. It’s mean it’s cheaper than others and you can upgrade it later.
  • It’s a pre-installed server. So, easy for use and no pain and you will get all software and updates time to time. That’s not your headache.
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  • Any single site problem can affect all other sites in same server.
  • Limited resource, bandwidth, disk space. So, it’s look like slower than others.
  • Won’t get the root access.


What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

Virtual Private Server/VPS, is a server that is partitioned with each section acting as it’s own server. Typically this is less expensive than a Dedicated Server but has more flexibility and functionality than a Shared Web Hosting Package. It’s like a Terraced House.


  • In VPS you will get full administrative access.
  • Your hosting is isolated from other accounts in same server.
  • Hardware and infrastructures are maintained by the hosting provider.
  • It’s less expensive from dedicated server.


  • You are responsible for some of the server-side administration, such as application installation and maintenance.
  • It’s more expensive than shared hosting. If you want to provide shared hosting then it’s best at startup.
  • Hardware assets such as CPU, RAM and Disk I/O.
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What is Dedicated Server?

In Dedicated Server, you get to use the whole server all to yourself. Only your websites will hosted on the server. No server resources will be shared with other clients. It’s like a Detached House.


  • Your server won’t share with other else.
  • Better security, more resources, more reliable and faster speed.
  • Server is usually maintain by the hosting provider, depending on the package.


  • It’s more costly than shared or vps. Specially if you don’t have any technical expertise to manage the server yourself.


What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is hosting that uses the resources of several clustered servers. Basically, this means that your website uses the virtual resources of several servers to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your site. It’s like a Mega Mansion.


  • It provides better up-time than other types of web hosting.
  • It provides good scalability. You can easily increase or decrease resources without moving sites to other server.
  • Traffic spikes aren’t a problem, the cloud can handle them.
  • You don’t need to install hardware or software. Instead, you connect with a cloud that has the hardware or software you need.
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  • Lack of root access means less control.
  • As a relatively new service, it doesn’t have a long track record.
  • You can’t use it widely.


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