WordPress Killer Checklist – Launch

Congratulations! You’re finally done with the tricky development process!

Now, you must be ready to launch it successfully, without any glitches. Mind you, there are lots of steps of follow before you actually launch your website. So, we have put in every little thing you need to have in place, before you go live.

Just follow them all and have a hassle-free launch!


Take backups:
Once you launch your website, its important to take regular back ups. You can use these plugins  for creating back-ups; BackUpWordpress(Free)/ BackupBuddy(Paid)/ WordPress Backup to Dropbox (Free).

Check Content Structure:
Check the structure and content for everything including pages, categories, URL’s, submission forms, etc.

Update Admin Email:
Also, under Settings> General, check social links, contact info and admin email.

Implement Security:
Make sure you have all the security in place, like password strength, files and folder permissions, etc. using the iThemes Security Plugin.

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Ensure CBC:
Check if your website if cross browser compatible by extensive testing, Free Trail with Cross Browser Testing.

Enable Site to be Crawled:
Uncheck the option under Settings > Reading of “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” and make website visible to search engine.

Disable Coming Soon Page:
Launch the plugin SeedProd and disable the Coming Page soon.

Test for Responsiveness:
Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Run Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to determine the same.

Check Loading Speed:
You must also improve the page loading speed with the help of Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Compress Images:
Reduce all the Image size by almost 50% by compressing the PNG and JPG files using TinyPNG ir WP Smush Plugin.

Use Latest WP Version:
Make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress. If not, ensure that you upgrade when you go live.

Upgrade Plugins:
It is also important to upgrade all the plugins on your website before going live.

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Open URL in New Tab:
Check if all your external links are working by opening them in new tabs. Use code similar to this for links <a href=”#” target=”_blank”></a>

Check Broken Links:
It is imperative that you check for broken links on your website before going live using Broken Link Checker Plugin.

White Label(Optional):
If you are developing the WordPress website for a client, implement branded WordPress login page using White Label CMS Plugin.

Go Live:
Once all these things are in place, you are finally ready to go live!! A break would be nice!! Share us for support and care about us 🙂


That’s all to this part. Please shear us for care about us 🙂

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