WordPress Killer Checklist – Pre Development

So where do you actually start?

That’s the first question that’s probably popped in your head. This checklist is the answer to that very question.

Regardless of where you are a beginner or a WordPress expert, this particular checklist will benefit anyone who is in the process of developing a new WordPress website.

Now check your checklist.



Choose the right directory: Select a directory and install it under public_html. Don’t use root or wordpress.

Change DB table names: Use random letters,numbers_table names instead of the default wp_table names. Checkout ‘Change DB Prefix Plugin‘.

Use Unique Login/Password: Refrain from using admin/admin as login/password. Alternatively, you can follow these examples:

  • Username – ASAP (e.g.)
  • Password – (Use Strong Password Generator Tool)
  • You may use your email as login with WP Email Login Plugin

Hide your Test Website from Search Engines: Make sure you hide your website from the search engines by checking the option under Settings> Reading “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”

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Additional Steps-1: Once the installation is complete, here are some of the additional  things you need to do.

  • Create a “Coming Soon” page with the free SeedProd Coming Soon or WP Maintenance Mode plugins.
  • Now, you will need to make some changes in the settings under General category. Choose a www or non-www URL for the WordPress as well as Site Address.

Set Default Date and Time: Don’t forget to update the Time Zone, Date/Time under Settings> General.

Update Blog Title: Very important to update the blog title and tag line appropriately under Settings> General.

Change Media Settings: Under Settings> Media, uncheck the “Organize my uploads into month and year based folders” option.

Change Blog Category: Similarly, under Posts> Categories, rename the ‘uncategorized’ to set up a default category for Posts.

Password Protect Demo Site: Increase the security for your demo website by installing the Password Protect plugin.

Delete Sample Config File: Finally, don’t forget to remove the sample config file. wp-config-sample.php in your root under public_html.

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Additional Steps-2:

  • Enable the debug mode “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
  • Use as many WP default-include third-party JS libraries as possible.
  • As the admin, you should able to upload/remove media and install new plugins as per requirements.


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