WordPress Killer Checklist – SEO

You may have the most alluring and well-developed WordPress website, but if you don’t have proper SEO in place, then it will all be for nothing. With our comprehensive SEO checklist, you will not have to go anywhere else to learn about SEO. Follow each step carefully and you’ll have a fully search engine optimized website ready in a jiffy.


Manage 301 Redirects

Mange your 301 redirection with the help of user redirection plugin.

Enable Site to be crawled

Turn on the site visibility under the Settings>Reading, If you haven’t done it already.

Use H1 Tag

Ensure that you have only one H1 tag on each of your pages.

Use H2 Tag

Also, make sure you have the H2 tag only, within the content for headers.

Add alt to image

Don’t forget to tag alt tangs on your website images. You may also use search friendly images for plug in.

Test XML Sitemap

Check if the Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug in built sitemap is working or else install Google XML Sitemap Plugin.

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Check robots.txt

Next it’s important to have the robot test file in place and ensure it is optimized.

Compress images

Reduce the size of the images on your website using WPSmash.it plugin

www or non www

Redirect the www and non www and vice versa. Use either but stick no more.

Signup for webmaster tools

If you found any issues with the website so far, sign up for Google’s webmaster tool and fix those issues, ensure that you have submitted both the “www” as well as the “non www” versions.

Test Breadcrumb

Ensure that links in breadcumbed are working.

Limit Meta title (V.V.Imp)

Another thing to ensure is that the Meta title remains only 55 characters long, including the spaces. WordPress SEO has this feature inbuilt for you.

Use LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are very important for SEO. Make sure you include enough in your content .Find LSI using Google Keyword planner, UberSuggest.org or Google search (hint: look for keywords at the bottom of the page after completing the search query).

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Check Duplicate Content

It is important that all your content is original and that you have no duplicate content on your website. Use CopyScape.

Interlink content

Interlinking is also a significant aspect of SEO. So make sure you have contextual links within your website.

Link to external link

It is also important to have external links to other resourceful websites, within your content like we have done on this page.

Optimize site

Again, it is utmost important that you optimized your website using GTmetrix for HTML and pingdom for WordPress, as it will help you save some valuable time to clear errors.

Improve page loading speed

Improve your page loading speed with the help of Google’s page speed insight.

Ensure responsiveness

Ensure that your website is responsive and mobile ready by running Google’s mobile friendly test.

Use schema creator

Smoothly add structure data to the content with the help of the Schema creator plugin

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Create short URL

Opt for a shorter URL for the page e.g. www.sitename.com/killer-wordpress-checklist/

Submit for local listing

If your website is about a local business, make sure you submit to Google business.

Review Analytics

Don’t forget to add & review Google analytics.

Check on page content

Check all the aspects related to on page SEO before going live. A must read on-page SEO guide by brain dean from blackinko.com

Proofread content

Make sure you proofread the entire website to check for spelling and grammar errors before going live.


It is advisable to use CDN networks like maxcdn to ensure better sped and usability

Exclude IP from analytics

Exclude home and office IP address in Google analytics. More information on excluding internal traffic can be on Google analytics help section.

Add social sharing icons

Don’t forget to include social media icons on all pages of the wordpress website. You may use add this share this or share bar plugin.

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