How to write the perfect blog post

Tips and starts to help you create blog post that get more shares, backlinks and views.


Use keywords

Use relevant keywords in your URL.

Short works best

Keep the URL short.

Keep it short

Restrict the headline to less than 60 characters as most search engines cut off the headline after that also use keywords.

Power of negativity

Use negative superlatives as the click through rate on headlines with negative superlatives is 63% higher than those with a positive superlative and 30% higher than those with neither positive or negative superlatives.

Use numbers

Headlines with numbers are from the best. List with 10 items received the most social media share and average of 10621 other popular numbers are 23, 16 and 24.

Add meta title

A 60 character meta title with strategically placed keywords can improve search engine performance.

Write longer blog posts

Posts that are between 3000 and 10000 words perform the best. They get an average of 8859 shares. Posts between 2000 and 3000 words also perform well, obtaining around 8000 shares. Articles that appear in the top 10 resorts in Google are over 2000 words long, with the top to be more than 2450 words on average. Longer posts also get more backlinks.

Use keywords throughout

Strategically early place keywords throughout the blog post to boost search engine performance. Keep Keyword density below 3%.

Use visuals

Post with at least on image get 2X more shares on Facebook and Twitter than those without images. Blog post with the images attract more backlinks. Infographics and list posts are the most popular and get more than 10000 shares on average.

Get emotional

Post that trigger the emotions awe and laughter get shared the most.

Link, link, link

Link both internally and external to other posts and pages to boost SEO and reduce Bounce rate.

Focus on quality

30% of people believe that quality content is the most important factor that adds credibility to a blog.

Be helpful

Posts that offer practical value get emailed a lot.

Add meta data

Write curiosity generating meta data with relevant keywords. Keep it less than 160 characters, as this is what most search engines display.

Use a call to action

Add a call to action at the end that links to a leading page which can convert visitors in to leads.

Display related posts

Displaying related posts can reduce Bounce rate by 7.75%.

More about you

A Bio can boost a blog post Google Glass shares by 42%, LinkedIn shares by 23% and Twitter tweets by 21%.

Get guest posts

62.96% people feel that multiple authors add more credibility to a blog. So publish my guest post and display their bio at the end to increase the social shares.

Get more subscribers

Place a sign up form below the post to get more blog subscribers.

A few more tips

Time it perfectly

Posts published on Tuesdays get the most shares and blogs usually get the highest traffic on Monday mornings. So publish posts on one or both of those days.

Install share buttons

Add share buttons, as post with share buttons get share more. It can increase overall sharing by 140%.

Analyst posts

Use experts in college of english courses LA to create posts people one to read.

Don’t ignore design

Ensure your block is well designed as people believe that it is one of the top two factors that boost block credibility, the other being quality content.

Build a social media following

Blogs with most social media followers attract more backlinks and traffic.


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